So I Went to the Theatre Last Night, and I Saw… ‘The Man in Two Pieces’ at Theatre Upstairs

How lucky are we? There are so many opportunities for us living in and around Dublin to see quality theatre at low cost. Over the past few years, a number of smaller venues over pubs have opened, facilitating some new productions and new writers that might otherwise find it difficult to get their work produced and seen. One such venue is the Theatre Upstairs over Lannigans pub on Eden Quay. I’ve been meaning to go there for months, but the show start time of 7pm has always proved too awkward for my suburban family life. However I did manage (by the skin of my teeth, it must be said) to make it in last night to see the current show on there ‘The Man in Two Pieces’, and was I glad I did. Written by Gerard Adlum and performed by the writer and the wonderful Stephen Brennan, this one act play tells the story of a travelling tent show in early 1900s Ireland, and the personalities and freaks therein. It’s a gentle enough tale in of itself, the real entertainment being in the very accomplished portrayal of the many characters by Gerard Adlum himself. Overall, it’s a really well-written, well-produced, play in what is a cosy, intimate venue and if you can get to see it, don’t miss the opportunity. If only to experience Stephen Brennan’s wonderfully fathomless voice wash over you at close quarters. Fantastic.

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