Drumroll, please…..

So it’s not everyday that the first copies of your novel arrive by courier in a package from your publisher. When you’ve dreamed of that moment for a long time, you somehow expect champagne corks, orchestras, double air kisses from the neighbours. The reality is, however, that it’s just another in a long line of milestones that inevitably get overtaken by dinnertime, or homework, or a scraped knee; each a little anti-climax that go towards building a career in writing novels.

But I’ll take them. They’re MY anti-climaxes after all.

So here’s the latest one.


Now I’m off to tackle the ironing.

One thought on “Drumroll, please…..

  1. I have finished the ironing and have power – washed a side Alley , got my dinner and a different one for the “student from Hell ” and that’s just for starters!!! Yahoo!!


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