Hey, Author!

Hey, Author! is my new place to find out things about my favourite authors that other blogs just don’t ask. The nitty-gritty. The dirt. The skinny.

Not stuff about their forthcoming books, or their writing process, none of that high-brow shenanigans thank you – no – Hey, Author! is about getting to know the person behind the bestseller.

So let’s get to it.

The next author in my Hey, Author! roll call is Aimee Alexander from Dublin in Ireland, whose book The Accidental Life of Greg Millar is out today from Lake Union Publishing.

denise deegan 2

So, Aimee Alexander! We like the look of your book. We might even buy it and read it. But first, there are some things we need to know. What is your:

Favourite night out in your hometown?

A walk on Dun Laoghaire pier or along the seafront in Sandycove followed by dinner at Fallon and Byrne, People’s Park.

Favourite skincare/haircare product?

Anything at all by Aveda – shampoo or skincare.

Favourite book of all time? (Just one!)

I can only do this by asking myself what book I’d love to have written: The Book Thief.


Favourite clothes shop?

Anything tiny that has little choice but everything I want. I’ll go for Toil & Glitter, Glasthule for now. But it changes.

toil and Glitter

Favourite restaurant anywhere in the world?

Restaurant Jules Verne. The restaurant at the top of the Eiffel Tower. If any man proposed to me up there I’d accept – though I’m technically married! I’d have to disappoint him when we got back down to ground!

Favourite bar anywhere in the world?

The Champagne Bar in the Plazas Hotel, NYC – or maybe it’s their coasters I like! They have butterflies.


Favourite movie?

I’ve watched Forrest Gump over 14 times but I’m going for Untouchable. It’s French with subtitles but you stop noticing that almost immediately. I love it so much.

Extra Untouchable

Favourite band/musician?

It changes. I get obsessed with a band and over-listen, then have to move on to recover. I’m going for Coldplay because I don’t just love their music but the themes of their songs: stars, magic etc.


 Favourite meal?

Anything I don’t have to cook myself. Literally. (The pic below has nothing whatsoever to do with this comment – Ed.)


Favourite tipple?



Well, we hope you won’t order a Peroni the next time you are in the New York Plaza, Aimee! You look like a champagne girl to us!

So now you know all the important details about Aimee, but if you want to know more, you can find her on Twitter here @aimeealexbooks

Thanks for sharing Aimee, and best of luck with The Accidental Life of Greg Millar!

greg millar cover

Be sure to follow me here to read more Hey, Author! posts. Then you can go stalk your fav authors in swanky places like the Champagne Bar in the NYC Plaza.

You’re welcome.

Sheena x


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