Book One/Two Episode 5: It’s a Book! (And Some News)

I have read and LOVED this book. The great Irish thriller of 2016. No doubt.


So first of all, I feel like I should apologize that this is only the fifth episode of Book One/Two, and publication is – ohmygodareyouseriousnoyouvegottobekidding – five weeks away. Five weeks from this Thursday, to be exact. I had planned that this would be a monthly series but (a) I have been busy, busy, busy with the aforementioned Book One and Book Two and (b) the publishing process really isn’t exciting enough to warrant a monthly update, as since September my days have mostly been about writing and waiting.


But hey – publication is five weeks away! FIVE WEEKS. I can’t get my head around this at all, especially since when I signed the deal, publication was more than a year away. When will this start feeling real? My guess at the moment is when I see it in a bookshop. Like, not a bookshop I’m launching or signing…

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