Hey, Author!

Hey, Author! is my very own place to find out things about my favourite authors that other blogs just don’t ask. The nitty-gritty. The dirt. The skinny.

Not stuff about their forthcoming books, or their writing process, none of that high-brow shenanigans thank you – no – Hey, Author! is about getting to know the person behind the bestseller.

So let’s get to it.

My own second novel The Lake was published by HarperCollins on their Killer Reads imprint. I was lucky enough to be part of the first group of digital-first Killer Reads authors back in 2015 along with the fantastic Chris Curran, whose second novel Her Turn to Cry is out now, much to the delight of her many fans who raved about her first novel Mindsight.


And wait for it – Chris will be launching the paperback of her new book at Hastings Pier Shop on Saturday 26th November 2016 between 12 and 3pm! Sure where else would you be?! You can grill her on her answers to the questions below in person there, and see the beautiful sights of Hastings while you are at it. Fantastic!

So let’s get started!

Hey, author. We like the look of your book. We might even buy it and read it. But first, there are some things we need to know. What is your:

Favourite night out in your hometown?

Drinks at sunset on Hastings Pier. Then a wander down to the Old Town for dinner in one of the many wonderful fish restaurants. Webbe’s is my favourite just now. It’s opposite the fish market and you can see the boats drawn up on the shingle so you know everything is just out of the sea. Then we might take in some live music at Porters wine bar.

Favourite skincare/haircare product?

I’m a bit of a cheapskate so I usually go for anything on offer, but I do like Olay because my mum used when it was called Oil of Ulay. I always thought that sounded like something from The Arabian Nights and that it might have magic powers. On evidence collected to date however it doesn’t!


Favourite book of all time? (Just one!)

Oh no, that is too hard! Rebecca was the novel that made me want to write psychological crime, but my oldest and still my best love is a children’s book: Tom’s Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce. For me it has more profound things to say about love, time, growing up and growing old than many a Booker or Pulitzer Prize winner. Each time I reread it I find new things to savour.


Favourite clothes shop?

I have a dilemma because I don’t much enjoy shopping of any kind, but I do like clothes. Zara’s stuff often appeals to me and seems to fit me pretty well and I buy the occasional posh dress from Hobbs. Oh, and I do like rummaging for something vintage in a nice charity shop.


Favourite restaurant anywhere in the world?

Crannog in Fort William, overlooking Loch Linney. They smoke their own fish and serve fabulous Scottish cheeses and puddings to die for.

Favourite bar anywhere in the world?

Dry Martini, Barcelona. Old-fashioned style par excellence. White coated waiters, comfortable armchairs, mellow jazz in the background and of course the best cocktails ever.


Favourite movie?

Nothing beats the oldies for me and if I could write a novel with a storyline as brilliant as Hitchcock’s Rear Window I’d die happy. However Some Like It Hot is an unbeatable joy. Hilarious Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis in his handsome youth channeling a great Cary Grant accent and some sublime shimmying from Marilyn Monroe, achingly vulnerable as the gorgeous Sugar.


Favourite band/musician?

It’s mostly oldies again and moody for preference. Billy Holliday, Dusty Springfield, Lou Reed, Van Morrison, Amy Winehouse and, to help me stay calm and cheerful when I’m driving and improve my French at the same time, I keep a Charles Trenet CD in the car.

Favourite meal?

My own lemon and black pepper roast chicken with crispy potatoes followed by homemade crème caramel. Ideally eaten with family and friends in the garden or in front of a lovely fire.

Favourite tipple?

Grey Goose vodka with Fentimans tonic, ice and a slice of lime.


Well, that makes a change from all those gin-swilling authors I’ve interviewed! I like your style, Ms. Curran.


You can get your mitts on a copy of Chris Curran’s latest Killer Reads thriller Her Turn To Cry here, and do follow her on twitter here.

Thanks you for sharing your secret hideouts with us Chris! I can’t decide if I want to visit Hastings or Fort William more. After Barcelona, of course. As Charles Trenet might say,



Until next time on Hey, Author!

Sheena x

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