Glanaphuca on stage in Rehearsed Reading

Glanaphuca, my stage play based on my novel The Lake will be in rehearsed reading in my local town of Dalkey at 7.30pm on Friday 9th June 2017. Come along, and be a part of the exciting process that is the development of new Irish theatre.

See contemporary stars of the screen and stage, including Mary Murray, Fiona-Lucia McGarry and Eric O’Brien work under the direction of Stephen Murray (below), all in the comfortable environs of The Vico, above The Queens pub.

Free admission, a voluntary contribution of €5 will go towards production costs.

castle and Queens

With thanks to Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Arts Office Emerging Artists’ Bursary.

More Rehearsed Readings…

I was delighted to be involved with The Corps Ensemble’s New Writing Night on Sunday last at the Viking theatre in Clontarf.


Rehearsed readings of new plays are simply a fantastic way for writers to learn their craft and improve their work. Other writers hearing their work read were Hillary Dziminski, Stewart Roche and Stephen Jones and Jed Murray (below).


They are also a great way for writers, producers, directors and actors to meet, and for writers to observe a real, live audience’s reaction to their work. It certainly beats coercing your non-actor friends into readings around the kitchen table on Saturday nights! (And those gigs are EXPENSIVE when you factor in the wine-bribery required…)

Check out some of the cast at work in front of a packed audience…


…and watch out for The Corps Ensemble’s production of Mark O’Rowe’s Made in China – coming to a theatre near you next month…


Yay! It’s My New Play!

So the lovely people at the Firedoor Theatre Company are producing my new play, FOCUS, at the illustrious Players Theatre in Trinity College, Dublin, on 18th – 22nd August 2015.

In FOCUS, a mismatched group of participants are brought together for a seemingly straightforward focus group.

As the discussion grows more and more uneasy, the dark truths that tie them together are slowly uncovered.

FOCUS examines the prejudices of modern Irish society, and the hypocrisies that underline how we relate to religion, class, abortion, and each other.

But it’s also really funny!! How do I do it, you ask?

Well, you’ll just have to come along to find out!

Focus Poster

So I Went to the Theatre Last Night, and I Saw… ‘The Man in Two Pieces’ at Theatre Upstairs

How lucky are we? There are so many opportunities for us living in and around Dublin to see quality theatre at low cost. Over the past few years, a number of smaller venues over pubs have opened, facilitating some new productions and new writers that might otherwise find it difficult to get their work produced and seen. One such venue is the Theatre Upstairs over Lannigans pub on Eden Quay. I’ve been meaning to go there for months, but the show start time of 7pm has always proved too awkward for my suburban family life. However I did manage (by the skin of my teeth, it must be said) to make it in last night to see the current show on there ‘The Man in Two Pieces’, and was I glad I did. Written by Gerard Adlum and performed by the writer and the wonderful Stephen Brennan, this one act play tells the story of a travelling tent show in early 1900s Ireland, and the personalities and freaks therein. It’s a gentle enough tale in of itself, the real entertainment being in the very accomplished portrayal of the many characters by Gerard Adlum himself. Overall, it’s a really well-written, well-produced, play in what is a cosy, intimate venue and if you can get to see it, don’t miss the opportunity. If only to experience Stephen Brennan’s wonderfully fathomless voice wash over you at close quarters. Fantastic.