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Hey, Author! is my very own place to find out things about my favourite authors that other blogs just don’t ask. The nitty-gritty. The dirt. The skinny.

Not stuff about their forthcoming books, or their writing process, none of that high-brow shenanigans thank you – no – Hey, Author! is about getting to know the person behind the bestseller.

So let’s get to it.

Jax Miller hit the headlines with her debut thriller Freedom’s Child in the summer of 2015. This American girl now has both feet firmly in Ireland, so I was very keen to catch up with her and find out all the stuff her readers want to know.


So, Jax Miller.

Freedom’s Child was a super thrilling read. We’re waiting with baited breath to hear when your next book will be out. So while we wait, you need to tell us, what is your:

Favourite night out in your hometown?

Well, my current hometown is in County Meath, Ireland (I was raised on Long Island, New York), where a night out could be pretty boring, as it’s a farming community. But if I had to entertain guests, I’d take a short train ride to Dublin and do some karaoke and sushi…. This reminds me, I really need to get out more! (I write nights.)


Favourite skincare/haircare product?

Hmmm… I’m old fashioned and don’t use anything fancy. I do have a skin secret though, and that’s coffee grinds. Tightens things up!

(I KNEW there was a reason writers drink so much coffee!- Ed.)

coffee grounds

Favourite book of all time? (Just one!)

The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis.

screwtape letters

Favourite clothes shop?

I enjoy the shops off the beaten path, especially vintage and retro. In Dublin, where I’d shop, there’s a few good places in Temple Bar. To be honest, I couldn’t even say the name of any of the places!

Favourite restaurant anywhere in the world?

Oy, that’s a tough one. Popei’s in Coram New York. It’s a seafood place out on Long Island, food to die for.

Favourite bar anywhere in the world?

I don’t really do bars anymore. I worked at many (before I was a writer I bartended a lot). I’d say The Church in Dublin. It’s an old church turned restaurant/bar that has a great history, with a congregation that once saw some great attendees, the likes of Arthur Guinness and Jonathan Swift. Some historical figures are even buried there! Yikes!

The Church

Favourite movie?

The hardest question in the world, as I’m a MASSIVE film buff (as blasphemous at it is, I love film more than books). If you had a gun to my head, I’d say The Shawshank Redemption.


Favourite band/musician?

Another hard one! Again, gun to the head, I’d say Johnny Cash because it’s a classic that can do no wrong by me. But I can go on for hours, from classical to metal, you name it.

Favourite meal?

New York pizza. Doesn’t matter from where, any hole in the wall will do. Just a large pie of NY pizza with extra cheese and with a tall glass of milk.


Good call, Ms. Miller. And a fresh-ground coffee. Just to undo the damage.

If you haven’t read Freedom’s Child yet, you are in for a treat, and we can look forward to Jax Miller’s second novel, which is due out next year.

freedom's child

Until next time on Hey, Author!

Sheena x