All-Ireland Final Weekend!

So the GAA All-Ireland football final weekend is upon us, and I am doubly excited because the line-up (Dublin vs Kerry for those of you who have been living under a rock for the past month) is the same as the line-up exactly 40 years ago – the infamous final of 1975 when Dublin sent Mickey Ned O’Sullivan to hospital and Kerry sent Dublin packing, stealing back down the road to Munster with the Sam Maguire under their oxters.

This is the weekend in 1975 that serves as the setting for my novel The Lake, which has just been published in the USA.

So here’s to a great weekend of football – albeit with a different outcome to that in 1975.

Up the Dubs!!

The Lake hits the shores of the USA!

I am thrilled to announce that The Lake is now available as an ebook in the USA! With a fantastic new cover, it’s priced at only $2.99  – a bargain for the novel The Sunday Times called “a gripping murder mystery”.

Download your copy now!

The Lake in The Gutter

For a while there, you had a choice of almost 20 places to buy coffee in my local village of Dalkey, and no place to buy books from. Then along came The Gutter, and following a successful pop-up stint at the infamous Dalkey Book Fair, Bob and his team decided to stay. (Well, Dalkey really is a lovely place. You should visit sometime.)


And from Thursday, the 7th May, my new novel, The Lake, will be gracing The Gutter’s shelves. So as if you needed an excuse, get yourself on the Dart, hop off at Dalkey station, and walk down the hill to The Gutter to acquire your very own copy. Then off with you to read it in one of the village’s lovely coffee shops. You’ll have plenty of choice.

It’s Here!

This writing business isn’t big on instant gratification.  I started writing my second novel The Lake back in 2012, and it’s only today, three years later, that I can finally share it with the world, thanks to my agent Ger Nichol, my editor Sarah Hodgson and the Killer Reads team at HarperCollins in London.

I loved researching it, I loved writing it, and I truly hope you love reading it.

Now I’m off to write number three.  See you all in 2018…